The Heart of Worship

I have been thinking quite a bit lately on church, how we should do church, what does being relevant mean? Is it jeans and a t-shirt, is it a pastor who preaches off an ipad, is it a coffee bar, is it smoke, lights, illustrations, and power points?

I’m not going to get into all that today, I’m not even going to teach. Yesterday in church the last song we sang was the heart of worship. The worship leader relayed the story of Matt Redman’s pastor (we all know Matt Redman; he is a great contemporary worship leader). His church had the smoke and the lights, they had a full band, but the pastor felt that worship had become too much of a production. So he took away the sound system, band, and the whole thing for a period of time so that the church could get back to the heart of things. Matt Redman said the song; The Heart of Worship was born out of that time.

When the music fades
and all has slipped away
and I simply come.
Longing just to be
something that’s of worth
that will bless Your heart.

I’ll bring You more than a song,
for a song in itself
is not what You have required.
You search much deeper within,
through the way things appear,
Your looking into my heart.

I’m coming back to the heart of worship
and its all about You, its all about You, Jesus.
I’m sorry, Lord, for the thing I’ve made it
when its all about You, its all about You, Jesus.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a band, or lights or anything, but as I attend worship services these days it does seem like it’s a production and not a praise time. As Dusty said in Pure Country, “I’m tired, I’m tired of all the smoke and the lights, it aint me, and the people cant even hear me the music is so loud.” I think George Strait’s character in the movie can describe the Church. Now I’m not saying get rid of your band (the smoke machine, maybe). Read the lyrics, let them sync in…. Our churches have become more about entertaining it seems…

My point is not to get rid of anything, but to examine our hearts, motives, and why we do things.

More on this in the coming weeks.

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