Part 2: Setting a Pattern that Becomes a Habit

One of the most important things we can do to help make our Bible reading part of our daily life is to help set a routine of daily Bible reading.

There are several ways that are very beneficial to your Bible reading. The first thing is pick a time during the day that for the most part you will be able to stick to without changing. I recommend a fifteen minute “time slot”. Maybe getting up fifteen minutes earlier or staying up fifteen minutes later. In the beginning I think it is just important to set that time in your schedule that you know is devoted to reading the word and not allowing anything else to take that time if it can be helped.

Another thing that can be very beneficial is having a place for your reading. Instead of being in a different place every day, establish a “meeting place with God”. Pick a spot that is comfortable and produces a good environment for reading, your favorite chair, a swing in the back yard, or something like that.

When you approach your Bible reading time you should not only come with your Bible but a journal that is specifically used for this time as well. Be expecting to receive a word of encouragement for your day and write it down in your journal, you could also incorporate your prayer time in this “time slot” as well and record prayer requests and other thoughts in your journal as well. The reason I encourage people to keep a journal simply is that it helps you to remember what God speaks through His word or directly to your spirit and when we go through times of temptation or trial there can be helpful encouragement found in those pages.

I believe and have found in my own life that when you establish a time and place for Bible reading it helps you to stick to it. Put in your phone so you see it every day.

The reason I say a fifteen minute time slot is not for you to take fifteen minutes but to give you time to read, pray, journal, and whatever else comes to mind to do.

I do believe that as this habit is developed it is good at a time in which you feel comfortable to add more reading time, not necessarily at the time you are reading but adding another time. For instance if you read before work add a time to read before bed as well. There is no better way to start and end your day than with Bible reading.

I know this all sounds very simplistic, but developing a habit does not have to be hard, we just need to make a quality decision to do this on a daily basis.

And remember, I’m not talking about studying the Bible here; I’m just talking about a time to read. Bible reading at times can become study, but the time will have to be there. Bible reading and Bible study are mostly kept separate because of the time difference between the two activities. We will discuss Bible study later, but for now just begin that scheduled time of reading.

One more note about our Bible reading time then we will be done for today. I believe it is beneficial to read an actual copy of the Bible during this time and not read it off of a Bible APP. I am not against APPS, I have two on my phone, but for this specific time for reading that is done in a place for reading use your actual Bible, one you can make notes in, highlight, or underline. When we use an actual Bible we become more familiar with it, we learn where books are and where the verses are. The last reason I encourage you to use a Bible is because it is the Bible. Our phones contain a Bible but they also contain our facebook, twitter, calendar, angry birds, contacts, and everything else. The only thing a Bible represents is the Word of God, our phones on the other hand offer many distractions, and for the specific set aside time for reading an actual Bible and journal are best.

I hope this helps you to set a daily time and place to read your Bible and that you will gain much from this time in your daily routine. If you need help to know where to start I would recommend reading a Gospel (Matthew is a good one to start with) or reading through Isaiah. If you would like to find a Bible reading plan you can find them on Bible Gateway or on the YouVersion APP.    

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