Part 4: Meditation Becomes Memorization

I am convinced that most people don’t memorize scripture BECAUSE they try. You read that right, I think people don’t remember scripture because they try to.

When you think about it you memorized your favorite song by listening to it again and again, not because you printed out the lyrics and studied them. We memorize commercials because they are shown frequently, not because we are trying to memorize them.

Now, I am not against methods of memorization. In fact I would encourage everyone to download the Bible Minded APP on your phone to help you memorize. What I want us to realize is the best way to remember the Word is to be in it on a regular basis to read it out load or hear it read to us.

Psalm 119 tells us that if we hide the Word in our hearts it helps keep us from sinning. A great quote from R.A. Torrey says “sin will keep me from this book and this book will keep me from sin.”

I titled this post meditation becomes memorization because I believe that statement, I believe we will retain the Word and memorize it just based off of the fact that we spend time in it. One of my favorite pastors says this, put the Word in you when you don’t need it and it will be there when you do need it. The point being that if we spend regular time in the Word when a situation comes up, the Word for that situation will naturally flow out of us.

Even though I do believe the best way of memorization is our regular meditation of the Word as we are told in Joshua 1:8 meditate on the Word day and night, we are told in Proverbs four keep these words in the midst of our heart and in front of our eyes, I do believe and know in my own life some methods help me memorize, especially if I am wanting to memorize five or more verses.

Like I said earlier the Bible Minded APP is very helpful. I also like the note card method of verse on one side and reference on the other as a flash card system. There are many ways to help you memorize and they can be found on many websites. Depending on how you learn best will impact on what is most helpful to you.

I simply encourage you to just get the Word in you, because I know that when you put it in you on a regular basis it does come out when you need it.

Helps for memorizing Scripture:

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