A Message for Young Women (and it’s not what you think)

Yes, I’m a guy writing a message to women and no, it’s not about modesty. Yes, I believe modesty is important but I want to encourage in another way.

It’s ok not to be light pole thin. That’s my message. In a culture where most young women feel pressured by fad diets and edited pictures on magazines it’s time a guy comes out and says not everyone has to be skinny. (I’m sure other guys have written this but this has been on my mind lately).

A few weeks ago Kim Kardashian tried to “break the internet” with her fake self. My heart breaks for her, she has been so consumed by a celebrity culture that she feels she has to do something like that.

All I want to say is this, you can be healthy and attractive without having to be pencil thin, with raised cheeks or anything else. If I can say anything to you that you will receive, I want you to receive this, You are BLESSED and you are released to be who you are created to be. I break the bondage of false imaging over you right now in the name of Jesus!

Every young woman deserves to know they are created in God’s image and that image is not every girl being skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you want to lose weight that’s great but don’t allow bondage to be put on you and don’t allow the enemy to put a false image of what’s pretty in front of you via a magazine cover.

I know this isn’t deep, I’m not trying to be deep, I simply want to say it’s ok to be yourself, it’s ok not to be like the magazine cover or the TV commercial. Be yourself, that’s who God, your Father created you to be.

Be you inside and out!

If you have a hard time being you. If you constantly feel the need to lose weight (even when your thin), if you constantly feel insecure about what you look like physically ask to see yourself through the Father’s eyes.

My prayer is that today you receive freedom from the bondage of false imaging and anything else you struggle with.

The Word of God says you were made in His image and His image is not a magazine cover, be free to be yourself!


Like I said this wasn’t deep just what was on my heart. If you are a young woman reading this I want to say God has made everyone different, don’t rob the world of yourself trying to be someone else. You were created to BLESS and you can’t do that trying to be someone else. God loves you and He wants you to love and accept yourself. When you do that others will see you the way you see yourself. I hope I have encouraged you and in some small way you have sensed the love and acceptance of your Heavenly Father.

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