Two Hindrances to Revival

I believe there are two major hindrances to any move of God, legalism and lawlessness. These two are opposite of each other but they have the same affect, effect, and infect; they stop the move of God.

Legalism can take on two forms. One it can take the Word and twist it and two it can past moves and make the new move try to fit.

The Pharisees took the law and twisted it, but we must understand, the law is not bad, the perversion of the law is bad. Jesus taught the law in His “Sermon on the Mount”. The difference between Jesus’ teaching and the Pharisees teaching? Jesus liberated and the Pharisees locked up.
We see Jesus healing on the Sabbath (liberating) and we see the Pharisees condemning Him for it (locking up).

Jesus said this, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Paul called himself a “Pharisee of Pharisees”. The law is not bad, without the law you have lawlessness which is condemned in Scripture.

Pharisees tried to hinder Jesus, that same spirit tries to hinder moves of God today.

A second manifestation of this spirit is to make a new move fit an old mold. Remember, you can’t put new wine into an old skin. Isaiah 42;9 declares, “behold I do a new thing before it springs forth, I will tell you of it.”

The move of God in 2015 will not look like the move of God in 1950. It will be the same Spirit with new manifestations.

I believe the main reasons why denominations can start off so on fire and thirty years down the road be dead, dry and predictable is because they try to fit everything into the mold of the beginning.

We must allow God to speak and move in new ways. I’m not talking about revelation outside the Word, I’m talking a fresh touch and move of the Holy Spirit.

We must be willing to move in new directions to experience this next move of God.

The Second hindrance to revival is lawlessness. Simply put lawlessness says we are under grace there are no commands. This is simply not true.

Jesus said if you love me you will obey me. Jesus is the Word made flesh, that’s Old Testament Word and New Testament Word.

The only thing in the Old Testament we are not bound to is sacrificial law because Jesus is our sacrifice, but Jesus did not do away with the moral teaching of the Torah.

There is more I can say on this subject but I would simply be repeating things I have said in my last few posts.

The bottom line is this as we press forward into the supernatural, let’s not put God in a box from fifty years ago and let’s not dismiss His call to holiness. Without holiness, Hebrews says, no man will see the Lord.

Let us open up our hearts and submit ourselves to God in worship so that we can catch the wave of this move of God.

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