Recovering the Conscience of a Nation

Yesterday, I watched as Ms. Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, was questioned by a congressional committee. I felt sick as I watched. She admitted facilities did not have mammogram machines. She evaded the matter at hand by saying her employees were illegally tapped. There is plenty I could say on what went on yesterday, sufficed to say it seems like the nation at large looks away. Sixty-five percent of people say we should continue to fund them with taxpayer money; it’s clear they don’t need it; what’s more, they don’t deserve it. Click here for more on Planned Parenthood.

Not only is this going on in our nation, something just as sad is going on. Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland is set to be discharged. Why you may ask, for intervening to stop the rape of a boy. You read that right; a member of our military is being discharged for doing the right thing. Yes, some say he used force he shouldn’t have. He was told not to intervene; he was forced to listen to boys be raped night after night. Finally, like any decent human being, he couldn’t sit back any longer. Thank God, no young boy deserves to be abused night after night. Shame on those who told our great men and women not to intervene. Now two Republican lawmakers are doing the right thing by demanding he not be discharged.

As if these two stories aren’t enough, I came across this column by Matt Walsh on a mother giving her fourteen-year-old son estrogen patches because she has been helping him become a girl. Please read this column; we must wake up to the liberal/progressive manipulation of our culture.

Folks, our nation is upside down, and I don’t care what progressives tell us; we are moral people, and America is exceptional. But, if we go back through history, we see that progressive ideology and policy pull us down. For example, the Obama administration has taken us backward in race relations. Cops are being attacked and killed; we are on the verge of experiencing race riots in this nation; Ferguson is only the beginning.

I am not here to be a doom and gloom guy. But, just like in the days of the Reagan revolution, I believe we are in a time for the grassroots to rise again and reignite the promise of America.

If each of us, as everyday Americans, will rise up and unite together, we can see our nation back on the path of morality and prosperity. We must first hold ourselves accountable for our lack of involvement in the political system and educate ourselves and get involved. Secondly, we must hold our leaders to their principles and promises.

If we will humble ourselves, respect one another, regardless of differences, we can see greatness in America again; we will restore our standing in the world. There may be tough times ahead, and yes, it will take some time to get the nation back on a moral and economically prosperous track. But, that will happen as we, the people, unite together under our first principles. Regardless of republican or democrat, regardless of black, white, Hispanic, whatever. Regardless of whatever differences we must unite on principle, the principles found in our constitution, we must rally together. Together we will see the greatness of America again. Don’t listen to a media that tries to divide us by color. Don’t listen to a press that pits candidates against each other. We are on the same side, or we should be. How can we expect the nation to return to conscience if we don’t return the conscience of our conservatism? We must remember we are all on the same team; let’s return to our principles so we can see America once again be that shining city on a hill, the example of peace and prosperity to the rest of the world.

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