Quick thought on modern day Pentecostalism

Modern day Pentecostalism, known as being charismatic is seen in the eyes of the charismatic renewal and third wave movement and has been largely removed from classical Pentecostalism.

The problem with understanding the movement apart from its origins is that we lose the holiness roots of our founding.

I would encourage every charismatic individual, everyone who sees themselves as part of the Word-of-Faith movement and every other modern charismatic movement to take the time and revisit the roots of the movement.

Pentecostalism sprang from the holiness movement of John Wesley and without a holiness foundation Pentecostals and charismatic’s put themselves in a dangerous place spiritually.

I believe the reason we so much sin among the movement is because we have largely abandoned our holiness roots.
I would encourage all of us to revisit Wesley and our holiness roots.

a good place to start is Dayton’s Theological Roots of Pentecostalism.

If we want to see the supernatural we have to be living right. When we get back to holiness we will see a move of God.

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