Healing America’s Divide

My heart breaks for this nation which seems to become more and more divided by the day. This has been a horrific week in America, and all I can say is, God, we need you.

The facts in the cases regarding two black men being shot are not fully known, and an investigation is underway, yet that did not stop thugs from gunning down officers in Dallas last night. I honestly don’t know what to say. We need love and respect for each other in our nation again. Unfortunately, we are so polarized with left and right we are tearing each other apart. I fear we are headed for another civil war.

I have a suggestion for us; if you are on the Christian right, read some books by those on the left. If you are on the Christian left, read books by those on the right. We need to enlarge our circles. It’s no secret I’m a conservative, but the truth is there will be liberals in Heaven. There are those on the left who love Jesus; they just apply the teaching of loving your neighbor differently than I do. There used to be a day in America where the left and right hand the same principles but different methods, big government and smaller government. Nowadays, it seems the chasm between the two is so big no one can get across.

Can we just agree that not every cop is bad, not every black is a suspect, and not every white is a racist? Is there any common ground between us anymore? If we are in Christ, the answer is yes. Can I tell you the solution for our nation is not Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or a third party. The answer for our country is for the Church to be the Church.

The left and the right need to get back to the place of civility and to understand one another. We must call out all leaders who divide us by race, politics, or social class. We must listen to one another, not for the ability to argue but for understanding. I don’t believe that by listening to each other, we will be converting each other’s politics, but I think we will find common ground. I don’t think any sensible person would want a cop who has done wrong to go free or for a black man who has done wrong to go free. I support any civilian’s right to stand trial, and I also support the same for a cop who used his gun because he saw no alternative; in both cases, the law and courts should provide justice, not vigilantes.

The Church in America right now needs to come together and get on our knees for our nation, for the upcoming election, and racial healing. In the upper room, the disciples were in unity, and the Holy Spirit came. For healing to come to our nation, the Church must come together.
The ball is in our court. As much as I disagree with the left, I picked up some books today written by leaders of the Christian left; I will read, I will learn, my goal is to find common ground, pray for the healing of our nation, and the unity of the Church.

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