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It’s been almost a year since my last post on the blog and prior to that, the last few posts were about how I was processing things going on in the charismatic movement. To do a quick recap, I wrote about my concerns about the Todd Bentley allegations. Since that time that process has been concluded and it ended with Todd exiting the process, Rick Joyner defending Todd and attacking the panel and ultimately the panel declaring Todd unfit for ministry. The issue with that is simply this, it proves there is little to no accountability in the prophetic movement.

I grew up listening to Word of Faith preachers. I never believed Jesus suffered in Hell, so I pushed that belief aside and just listened to the healing, faith and prosperity teaching. When I was young I didn’t understand the significance of that particular belief. I had heard people say that Kenneth Copeland taught the little gods doctrine, well, I didn’t believe I was a little God. Even when I heard him say, “when I read ‘I Am’ I just smile and say yes, I am too” I didn’t believe that either. When he me with the Pope several years ago and declared the reformation was over, I thought to myself, he doesn’t understand the reformation. So why in the world did I continue listening to him and others? That’s a good question. Honestly, the only answer is I was deceived.

For some reason we don’t realize that deception by its very nature means you don’t know you’re deceived. I was genuinely saved at nine years old. I spent time in the Word, I prayed read books, good and bad and followed lots of bad teaching. However, I knew God and the Holy Spirit from childhood all the way to my thirties let me know something was wrong with these things.

In one off my last posts I talked about watching American Gospel, watching Fighting for the Faith on YouTube and other things. It seemed like I had come out of false teaching completely. What happened? Proverbs 26:11 has the answer, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so also a fool repeats his foolishness”. I was so deep in the teachings, in the prophecies that’s how I functioned in my walk with God.

Ironically, yet not so much, because God is always watching out for His children, everything I learned from 2008-2012 wouldn’t leave me. During those years I wen’t to a charismatic Calvinist church that even though there was all the charismatic stuff it was more about teaching the Word. It was from Pastor Steve Solomon I first heard teaching on the sovereignty of God, the doctrines of grace and nine months teaching verse by verse through Romans chapter eight.

No matter how Word of Faith I was, the sovereignty of God continually exposed problems in my charismatic theology.
So last fall all the charismatic stuff began taking big hits because of the American Gospel Film, Chris Rosebrough, Justin Peters, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Doughrety. Yet there was still a pretty good chunk of the Charismatic defense wall Still standing.

Enter 2020 and all the grand prophecies…. Well that wen’t bust didn’t:t it. I don’t want to belabor this point so, to speak plainly, after all the rebuking, decreeing and declaring the virus is still here. Granted, it’s not as bad as certain people predicted but so many prophecies fell to the ground. The thing that bothered me the most was no one was taking responsibility for missing it. So with all this new inner turmoil I turned to Chris Rosebrough’s YouTube channel where he dealt with all these things. I ordered John MacArthur’s book Strange Fire and demanded that I take it seriously and research the Scriptures and be open to taking a hard look at Pentecostal and Charismatic history.

Everything came tumbling down. All this next level breakthrough, being in a new era – although it’s more like error. I realized the prophetic stuff was just like a dog chasing its tail. There’s no point. I started searching the Scriptures for the great end time outpouring and outside of Joel chapter two the only thing else I found was plenty of Scripture of false miracles, false prophets and not willing to endure sound doctrine in the last days.
Everything I was seeing in Scripture is completely opposed to the theology of Word of Faith and the manifestations and prophetic words of the prophetic movement. I saw that all the stuff that was “bringing me closer to God” was in reality leading me away from Him and to chase after experiences. Now the prophetic, signs and wonders guys will tell you we’re chasing after Jesus. But listen to them talk, it’s about them and their experiences.

I was saved at nine years old and began following plenty of wrong people. but in 2008 God planted the seed of His sovereignty in me and gave me a desire to study theology (which is a very negative thing in charismatic circles). This has been a long journey, that has worked out for my good. My prayer is that God will allow me to help others see how empty the prophetic words, conferences and the theology of the Word of Faith and Prophetic movement is. Jesus truly is beautiful and if you want to know Him, you won’t find Him in gold dust, hypnotic music, and great outpouring teaching. You will find Jesus in His Word with the help of the Holy Spirit who has already been poured out.

There’s no need to seek for more.
There really is no need for anything extra. That includes the Jewish roots. God loves the Jewish people and Israel is His land, that’s not what I’m talking about. I began noticing two types of Jewish roots teachings: one was heavily involved in prophetic end time stuff and the other got so into rabbinical teachings that Jesus seemed less and less central. I was gleaning from both of these. Why? Because I didn’t want to miss out on the move of God.

If you know Jesus, you’re not going to miss anything. If you’re caught up in all this, do yourself a favor, don’t ignore all those thoughts in the back of your mind that something isn’t right. Repent for chasing all this stuff. Turn back to Jesus, the Jesus who is found in the simplicity of Bible reading and study, a consistent prayer life, and fellowship in the local church.

I may share more from time to time on different aspects of leaving the Word of Faith and prophetic movements as well as looking at all the classic verses we ripped out of context. I pray these last few posts have helped you. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them just leave a comment below. If you would like to know more about the journey you can drop a comment below as well and follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the more day to day stuff.

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