Why The Reformation Isn’t Over

Some say the reformation is over; they say everyone believes we’re saved by grace. They say revival is coming; we need to partner with God and do spiritual warfare. Like Luther, I respond grace alone and faith alone. We don’t need to gin up revival or do a bunch of stuff to get God to move; we only need to trust Him and be obedient. There are those who say the reformation is over. They say doctrine divides. I hear Christians say, I believe the Bible is sufficient, but I need something more. I need to encounter God; I need a prophetic word. Scripture says we have a more sure Word and that Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy. I believe in Christ alone and Scripture alone.

Scripture alone was hard for me to fully take hold of because even though I read and studied the Bible, I wanted to know the “prophetic direction” coming from the prophets. I didn’t want to miss conferences, even though certain things made me uncomfortable. It was hard for me to admit because, after all, we didn’t believe prophecy was equal to Scripture, and after all, a prophet could “miss it”; that’s why you test them. It took me a long time, but I eventually realized how seers and miracle meetings were taking my eyes and other people’s eyes off Scripture and Jesus by putting them on teachings and preachers that never ended up where what they taught manifested. I’ve learned that Christ and Scripture are enough.

Lastly, we live for God’s glory alone. I don’t live chasing after glory or longing to see a manifestation of His glory. In Jesus dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily – that’s glory. I don’t need to see a glory cloud, but if I did, I’m sure I’d be on my face in awe, not grabbing my phone to take a video.

I’ve learned so much since last September, mainly that the reformation isn’t over. It was hard for me to realize that the charismatic/prophetic/faith movement that I walked away from was no different than the catholic church of Luther’s day, adding to Scripture and taking my eyes off the person of Jesus and the simplicity of Scripture.
The reformation isn’t over. As long as we need the next prophetic word, or think doctrine divides, as long as we wait for the next manifestation of glory, chase after being commissioned by a prophet, or receiving an impartation from their favorite speakers, the reformation isn’t over.

Sola Gratia – Grace Alone Sola Fide – Faith Alone Sola Cristus – Christ Alone Sola Scriptura – Scripture Alone Sola Deo Gloria – God’s Glory Alone.

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