Thankful for Jesus

As much as I hate to admit it, even with praying and reading my Bible daily I can forget about Jesus. Of course I think about Him when I pray and read but I often forget to be thankful for His sacrifice on a daily basis. I mean at Christmas we focus on His birth and His death and resurrection at Easter but what about the other ten months of the year?

The last two Sunday School lessons really hit me hard. Two weeks ago we talked about Isaiah 53 and the sacrifice of Jesus and yesterday we talked about what pleases God from Isaiah 58. Those lessons coupled with the songs we sang and the messages on being thankful just made me realize how much I love Jesus. They made me realize how many times I just don’t think about, I don’t remember and I don’t worship Him for what He did. I don’t feel condemned and I don’t feel like God is mad at me, I feel convicted. Convicted to think more on His sacrifice throughout the year. Convicted to read a chapter from the gospels every day, not just on my Bible reading plan.

I am thankful that Jesus left the splendor of Heaven to die in my place. Jesus who knew no sin took on sin so that I, so that you could be made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. This Thanksgiving week I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me to remember the sacrifice of Jesus all year, to remember what it means for Jesus to be made flesh. I am thankful for Christmas and Easter but I want to remember the majesty, the sacrifice and the triumph of Jesus all year long.

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