Thankful for Family & Friends

The truth is sometimes our family annoys us. We can get it heated political and theological discussions (maybe that’s just me) and we disagree on what Christmas movie to watch. All families have ups and downs but at the end of the day I am so thankful for mine. They have watched me go through many theological twists and turns as I studied the Word to cement what I believe. My sister and I are always cracking up because she’s funny even though she says she’s not. My brother and I do one thing and that’s talk politics. I thank God we see things the same way or knowing us there would be a screaming debate every time we saw each other. My family is exactly what I need in all areas and I am thankful for them.

There have been friends that have come and gone in my life. Some of those people I thought would be around forever but God had a purpose in each friendship and how long it lasted. Two friends have really been a blessing to me this year. My friend Kyle and I have kept each other level headed all year throughout the election cycle. We are both big into politics and with all the made up scenarios we talk about we always point each other back to the Word and remind each other that God is in control.

Last year in the fall God began unraveling some long held beliefs and it was going good for a few months and then I got discouraged and went backwards. When 2020 showed up God was like, ok time to rip off the band aid. It has been a year of absolute deconstruction of the unbiblical teachings in the word of faith and prophetic movement and a reconstruction of the biblical truth I knew. Last month God brought an unexpected friend into my life via Instagram that has made this 2020 journey so much better. We have shared our stories of coming out of deception and we talk about and study the Word together. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful friend who is on the same journey I am.

Two friends, yep, just two. We can focus on some ‘need’ to surround ourselves with lots of people. Many times acquaintances we call friends, that there is not much depth with. We would all do well to ask God to bless us with the right friends instead of many friends.

I am thankful for all the people throughout the years God has had in my life for His purpose. 2020 has been a year where family has meant more, friends are few, really just two, but the two I needed this year. Take some time today and think about the people who have helped you through this year. Send them a text, maybe even a card and just say thank you.

Count your blessings this week and enjoy Thanksgiving.

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