Thankful for Church & Spiritual Growth

The last few months I have been attending a small Baptist church. It has been such a refreshing experience. I have learned so much in this last year as the Holy Spirit lead me out of the Word of Faith and Prophetic Movements and the church has been a great place for me.

As I’ve been attending this church where there’s no great stage production with lights, huge video screens and the latest music, I have been refreshed by the hymns and older contemporary music from my childhood. The people are friendly and began treating me like part of the church family from the beginning. Both Sunday and Wednesday nights are dedicated to studying through a book of the Bible. Sunday School is great and so is men’s Bible study.

The last two Sunday’s I’ve so impacted by the Sunday School lessons and the songs we sang in church just magnified the lesson. The messages have been on thankfulness, and oh how thankful I am that I found First Baptist Church.

As I reflect back over this year and how much God stripped away from me, all things I thought were true, I began realizing how much wrong I overlooked as I embraced wrong teachings. I would rationalize things and say well, I don’t believe Jesus suffered in Hell, I’ll just pay attention to the faith and healing teachings. I don’t believe in the courts of heaven stuff but I’ll listen to the other things. It was hard for me to realize how these kind of things interconnected to the rest of the teachings.

This month I started a three year process of studying through the New Testament. I started in James and I am already learning so much. It is amazing how alive the Word becomes when you study it verse by verse. I’m also reading biographies and doctrine books that are helping me to continue to undo the false understandings I had. The grace of God is amazing to me. My way of thinking and go to responses are changing quickly and I am settled again in the simplicity of the gospel and the sufficiency of Scripture.

I’m looking forward to reading through the Bible next year with a new set of spiritual lenses. 2020 has been a great year of spiritual growth for me and I pray it has been for you as well. Enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow and if your Thanksgiving looks different this year I pray the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit will surround you as you thank God for His goodness and grace in your life.

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