A New Year, Not A Magic Eraser

Every year brings its challenges. Some years are harder than others, but one thing never changes, on New Years Eve everyone says great things about the coming year and on the following New Years Eve those same people talk about how hard the year was but declare that next year will be better.

A prophet will be positive on New Years Eve but when the word doesn’t happen, boy do they try to twist the day lights out of their false prophecy. I’ve really had a wakeup call concerning the prophetic movement but this post isn’t about that. This post is to encourage you to get out of the New Years Eve cycle. A new year isn’t a magic eraser. A new year doesn’t erase the bad of last year, it still happened and nothing is guaranteed to change just because the year changes.

The following year could be worse or it could be better. Regardless, our hope, our focus needs to stay on Jesus. Regardless of politics, personal problems, or other potential issues a Christian can be at peace regardless of what goes on around us.

As we enter a new year, read the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards. Contemplate them and read the Scriptures. Pick out one or two resolutions to make your own. Go into the new year with your eyes on Jesus, resolve to read and study the Scriptures and stand firm in faith.

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