Morning Devotion: Peace

“But He was asleep….Peace Be still.”
Mark 4:35-41

This portion of Scripture has always fascinated me. Jesus and the disciples had gotten into a boat and Jesus told them to go to the other side. Jesus was asleep in the back and a big storm arose, the disciples were afraid so they woke up Jesus. Jesus said Peace be still and the storm stopped and then He rebuked the disciples for not having faith.

For years when I read this story I always wondered why the disciples didn’t think to rebuke the storm. They were with Jesus, they had seen Him do miracles, why not give it a try?

But a few years ago, I had an entirely different thought, why didn’t they just ride out the storm? Jesus was in the same storm, yet He was sleeping. Why didn’t they look at Him sleeping and instinctively know that everything was going to be fine?

The bottom line of this story is of course the authority of Jesus’s words; one, that they were going to the other side and two, speaking peace to the storm.

Now, I’m not going to make a metaphor for the storm in your life, because that’s not what the story is about. What I do want us to see is that the disciples could have been at peace simply because Jesus was asleep.

We see Jesus asleep during the storm and then He takes authority over the storm. This is just one example of His authority, not in just telling the storm to stop but in sleeping through it to begin with.

Let this portion of Scripture remind you to be at peace regardless of circumstances or situations because God is in control.

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