A Revival of the Bible

This morning I began thinking about the Church. Where we seem to be and what we seem to be focused on. In many circles there’s talk of revival, which I think is great, except we’re looking for the wrong kind of revival. We need a revival of the preached Word. Instead in many churches we’re getting thirty minute self help talks, a concert type “worship” production and a coffee bar in the lobby.

I hear several church leaders talk about revivals in the past. The talk about John Wesley and George Whitfield. We can talk about them, Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon all day long but we will never have what they had. I don’t say that because God is doing a “new thing”, I say that because many churches today don’t offer what they did, the hard truth of the gospel.

We may have great technological innovations today and many more ways to reach people but in many ways that has hurt the church and not helped. We’ve become so technologically connected we have become disconnected. Because verses are on the screen or we have Bible apps we don’t know our Bibles anymore, we can’t find verses and many don’t even know where books of the Bible are. This is an indictment on us as Christians, we should know our Bibles.

If a believer tries a new church and you ask them how they liked the service most of the time their answer is I liked/didn’t like the worship. Music has become the focal point when it should be the preaching and teaching of Scripture.

We complain a lot about the direction our nation is going, it’s going that way because by and large the preachers have forsaken the preaching of the gospel and those in the pew have forsaken daily time in the Word. This is not an angry post. I agree with everyone saying we need a revival, I just completely disagree on the kind.

I’ve seen the signs and wonders movement, there is no gospel there. I’ve heard about mass baptisms in mainline churches but I haven’t heard about discipleship from the same. I personally believe the biggest mistake churches have made is doing multi campus. That has caused thousands of people to not know their pastor and to easily not have accountability. It has caused people to look to the man on the screen and it has been a breeding ground for a dangerous celebrity culture in the Church.

I believe the church has become so focused on getting unbelievers in that we quit equipping believers. Sure we have small groups but most of that curriculum isn’t even focused on Scripture, it contains it but the focus is us and not the Word. But even if we get the unbelievers in, we’re entertaining them, not preaching the gospel to them.

There’s an idol in the Church today and it’s name is cultural relevance. We will never change the culture by being like it. Actually we don’t need to change or impact culture, we need to see people getting saved because the gospel is proclaimed, then the culture will change.

We have lost our way. It’s time to do away with movie themed series, it’s time to do away with music that isn’t singing to God. Worship is to God, not about Him or about His love to us. If we truly want to see people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, the Church needs to give them Jesus and not entertainment or motivational talks.

1 Corinthians 1:18 NKJV “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

We are called to preach the message, God does the saving and we make disciples. Let us put our trust in His Gospel not our methods. We often hear the methods change but the message doesn’t. If you’ll look around the churches you’ll see that our methods have indeed changed our message.

When was the last time you heard a message about taking up the cross, or a message on forsaking sin, when was the last time you heard adultery condemned from a pulpit? When was the last time you heard a complete gospel presentation throughout your pastors message and not just thrown in at the end.

I want a revival but we aren’t going to get it by the ways of the world or meeting felt needs. It will only come through the preaching of the gospel. Read through Acts and notice what they preach. Read Paul’s letters and see what His focus was. Read biographies of men like John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon and Martin Luther. Men like them changed entire nations, simply through what they preached. Oh that the Church would be known for its preaching again.

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