Morning Devotion: Honor

“In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.”
Job 1:22 NKJV

Job undoubtedly suffered in ways most of us cannot comprehend. In one day he lost all his livestock and all of his children. I wonder what was going through his mind? Whatever he was thinking, Job didn’t sin nor charge God with wrong.

In the next chapter the enemy presented himself to God again and obtained permission to harm Job. As before, God put stipulations on what the enemy could and could not do. Job’s wife told him that he should curse God and die, but Job did not. In the end everything was restored to Job.

How many times in our life do we question or even accuse God? When something negative happens, do you automatically say why God? Is your prayer life more about questioning God or expressing faith in His goodness and His purpose?

Job honored God through the most difficult of circumstances. Towards the end of the book we read a conversation that takes place between Job and God. It is a conversation that should remind us all of just how big God is and how little we understand.

Let us all learn from Job and even learn from Joseph who was sold into slavery and wrongly imprisoned yet told his brothers, what you meant for evil, God has worked it out for good. Honor God in the midst of hardship and suffering. Do not accuse Him, trust Him. Do not question Him, worship Him.

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