Reading The Complete Jewish Bible

Do you remember all the memory verses from your childhood? Probably not. I grew up hearing topical messages and listening to Charismatic preachers, and while I know a decent amount of Bible stories, I have realized in the last year that I do not know the whole Bible as well as I would like to.

In the last two years, I have listened to more verse-by-verse preaching, and that has caused me to make some connections that I never did before. One man’s preaching has substantially impacted my life in the last couple of years, and if you follow my blog or Instagram, you know that man is Pastor John MacArthur. I adopted his plan of studying the New Testament and have gone through a few books. As helpful as that has been, I think it would be an asset to my New Testament study if I refreshed myself on the Bible as a whole.

On October first, I will start a ninety-day* journey through the Bible reading. I will be reading the Complete Jewish Study Bible. I am using the Study Bible to help give me an even better understanding of the Scripture. This will not be a time of study but of reading the text along with the notes and charts.

I will be taking notes: and journaling my thoughts, observations, and questions as I work my way from Genesis to Revelation. Depending on each day’s notes, the blog could be interesting for the remainder of 2022. Maybe some of my thoughts and questions will bring something to your mind and launch you down a path of study.

I am looking forward to growing in my understanding of the Scriptures in these ninety days, knowing Jesus, and seeing God’s plan in the Scriptures in a more significant way than ever before.

I chose The Complete Jewish Study Bible because of my desire to connect to the roots of my faith. Knowing that this translation uses Hebrew terminology will help to orient my thinking and the notes will give me a greater understanding of the original context of the Bible. The Bible comes with introductory material, articles, charts, Shabbat readings, and a glossary.

*A few days in I realized this wouldn’t be a 90-day journey. I began seeing things that brought about long periods of thinking about the text which lead me to slow down and just let the text sink into my heart. So instead of a 90-day journal, I will finish when I finish, still sharing my thoughts along the way. If you would like to keep up with shorter thoughts, follow me on Instagram and check out the CJB OT Notes and CJB NT Notes highlights.

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