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Genesis 12:3 says of Abraham and, by implication, of Israel, that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. God opened my eyes and my heart to Israel in 2014 when I saw a large menorah in a prayer tower, and the Lord spoke to me and said, learn what this means. I didn’t know what a menorah was, but I went to the bookstore and found a book with a menorah on the cover. Reading that book, I discovered the history of antisemitism in the Christian Church, the Jewish roots of my faith, and the blessing of returning to those roots.

One of my passions and my calling is to help Christians understand the importance of God’s covenant with Israel. The Church has not replaced Israel but has been grafted into a Jewish root. Several articles on this site teach you the importance of standing with Israel and walking in a Jewish understanding of the Bible. I pray that what you learn will cause you to speak out against antisemitism, have a more Judeo-Christian walk with God, and desire to bless Israel. With that third prayer in mind, I present the following ministries and organizations for your consideration of financial support.

I first heard the message of Jewish roots without realizing it from Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch’s television program. So when the Lord brought that seed forth in 2014, I looked them up and began learning the Jewish roots. In 2022 Pastor Larry was named number 1 of Israel’s top 50 Christian allies. They Pastor New Beginnings Church in Bedford, Texas, and host their television program that is broadcast worldwide on Daystar and YouTube.

Pastors Larry and Tiz have gone to Israel several times and give the church various opportunities to bless the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. The ministry partners with Karen Hayesod, as well as other agencies in Israel. Three of the most significant projects the ministry supports is Project Aliyah, which brings Jews home to Israel, many of who are fleeing persecution from nations around the world. They support Holocaust survivors and raise funds yearly to provide mobile ICU ambulances, which save 10,000 lives before the ambulances are decommissioned.

Along with this tangible support for the nation and people of Israel, Pastors Larry and Tiz are teaching the Church the Jewish roots of the Bible. When we realize that Jesus and all the Apostles were Jewish, that God still has a covenant with Israel, and that we are called to bridge the gap, we will see amazing things happen in our lives and the world.

Learn more about Larry Huch Ministries and consider a monthly partnership

The Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries is a one-stop to help Jewish people in Israel. Firm Partners with various organizations, ministries, and congregations around the nation. FIRM can connect you with a ministry or organization if you have a humanitarian heart, want to support outreaches or local congregations.

You can view ministry partners, learn about Israel, and give a one-time or monthly donation.

Christians United for Israel is the largest American Christian organization that supports the nation of Israel. CUFI focuses on the political aspect of the nation of Israel, lobbying for pro-Israel policies and combating antisemitism on college campuses with their CUFI on Campus organization.

Sadly, antisemitism is alive and growing in America and around the world. We may think no one knows us; you may tell yourself that you are not an influencer. That is true for most of us, but we still have a voice and must speak up when we see antisemitism. Post on social media for Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Independence day, and learn the history of persecution against the Jewish people.

As a Christian, my heart breaks over the prevalence of replacement theology. It sickens me that Church Fathers such as Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and others spoke the vilest and ungodly hatred towards God’s chosen people. I will apologize to the Jewish community every chance I get and speak out against antisemitism in the culture and the church.

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