A follower of Jesus and friend of Israel

The Prophet, Jeremiah, saw the branch of an almond tree, and the Lord said, “you have seen well, because I am watching to fulfill my word.”

The notes in The Israel Bible tell us the almond tree is the first to bud in Israel and that God’s word will awaken the nation. I was saved at an early age and was called to ministry during that time. Like many young boys, I liked football, but being born with a heart condition and walking with a limp didn’t allow that dream. However, those circumstances propelled me into a lifelong love of studying the Scriptures. The Lord has led me down many paths and taught me many things.

During Passover of 2014, at a conference at the Global Spheres Center, I saw a lit Menorah carved from a tree, and the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “learn what this means.” From that day, there has been a battle over that revelation but even more so, a great closeness to the Lord as I have embraced the Jewish roots of the faith. This was a moment of great awakening in my life.

I am thankful for every step in my journey because it has all led to this point, and the Scriptures’ light continues guiding me as it does all of us.

After graduating high school, I worked in the shipping department of a healing ministry. From there, I trained under and ministered in deliverance with Don Dickerman Ministries.

Deliverance and discipleship are still one of my main passions. With the revelation of Jewish roots, discipleship has taken on a whole new meaning, or should I say the original purpose.

I pray that as we discover and walk in the Jewish roots of our faith, we will come closer to God, understand and know Jesus better, and be free to walk in the purpose and good works God has for us.

My testimony and theological journey.