About me

A follower of Jesus and friend of Israel

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry at an early age. Being born with a heart condition and walking with a limp brought an end to any hopes of playing football but propelled me to study the Word of God and be part of various areas in the body of Christ throughout my life.

I began working in a ministry’s media and shipping department soon after graduating from high school. I went to another ministry from there, all while attending a School of ministry and being trained in Wesleyan and Pentecostal denominations.

Two teachings have impacted my understanding of Scripture and my relationship with God more than any other; the sovereignty of God and the Jewishness of Jesus. I see these two things throughout the Bible, and I believe they will change the life of any believer.

The truth is, even though this bio is supposed to be about me, everything should point back to Jesus. None of us are significant in our own right. Each of us has received grace and should desire to glorify God. It is my prayer that you would be encouraged by this blog, but ultimately as with anything, we are to study to show ourselves approved. Any teacher, author, blogger, or podcast is simply a tool in our study of the Word, may we never be people who become more acquainted with the tools than with Jesus Himself.

My testimony and theological journey.


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