About me

A Follower of Jesus and friend of Israel

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry at an early age. Being born with a heart condition and walking with a limp brought an end to any hopes of playing football but propelled me to study the Word of God and be part of various areas in the body of Christ throughout my life.

I received ministry training in Wesleyan and Pentecostal contexts and attended an online ministry school. Because of my call to ministry, I am a proud theology and church history nerd. My favorite historical preacher is Charles Spurgeon. I was also greatly impacted by the holiness teachings of John Wesley in my twenties and that passion for holiness led me to discover the Puritans.

I don’t think being passionate for Jesus is limited to those who preach as a calling, nor do I believe church history is stuffy and theology is boring. Church history is your history, Israel’s history is your history, and theology is the study of God. We love God, so let’s get to know Him by studying Scripture and how He’s moved throughout history.

My passion is to see people love Jesus to the point Bible study isn’t seen as a chore, and obedience is the joy of our lives.

My testimony and theological journey.


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