About me

A Follower of Jesus and friend of Israel

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry at an early age, and as time went on, two central aspects of my call were revealed to be the ministry of deliverance and teaching the Jewish roots of the Christian faith in love for the land and people of Israel.

Being born with a heart condition and walking with a limp brought an end to any hopes of playing football but propelled me in the study of the Word of God and being part of various areas in the body of Christ throughout my life. I was raised in a Classical Pentecostal denomination and attended a non-denominational and Reformed Charismatic church in my teens. I attended an online school of ministry and received pastoral training in a Wesleyan and Pentecostal denomination, later holding credentials in the Pentecostal denomination. I was trained in the ministry of deliverance under Don Dickerman Ministries.

My passion is to see people set free from bondage and be discipled in the truth of the Word of God through teaching, encouragement, and restoring the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


* Photo of Charles Spurgeon’s first pulpit taken at The Spurgeon Library on the campus of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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