Thoughts on Heaven

They shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads. Night shall be no more, and people will have no need for lamplight or sunlight—for Adonai Elohim will shine on them. And they shall reign forever and ever!

– Revelation 22:4-5 TLV

Today I finished my study in the book of Revelation, and I was left stunned at the description of heaven in the last two chapters. There are a lot of books about heaven available these days. But, unfortunately, many of these focus on our trivial questions, desires, and what we want to see in heaven. We talk about streets of gold, big mansions, and depending on who you listen to; you may even get to have a water fight with Jesus in the river of life.

The beauty of heaven will not be found in the streets of gold, gems, or colors we have never seen before. The beauty of heaven is the glory of the triune Godhead.

Please, understand, of course, we have questions about heaven, and it’s not wrong to ask them. However, we should think about what captivates our thoughts about heaven, is it the glory of God or the golden streets? Is it our precious Savior or pearl topped gates? 

Think of the fact there will be no darkness, no sadness, and no need for the sun, moon, and stars! The brightness of the glory will surely overwhelm us. There is a reason why angels constantly sing Holy, Holy, Holy. There is a reason the twenty-four elders repeatedly bow down. 

If our thoughts about heaven tend to focus on things other than Jesus Christ Himself, we need to pause and ask ourselves if we truly understand not what, but who heaven is about; as I sat and thought about the last two chapters in Revelation, I prayed. First, I prayed that I would understand heaven is wonderful because God is there and that I would fully recognize and understand the sacrifice of Jesus that allows me into God’s glorious presence. Then, I thought of Hebrews chapter twelve and asked the Lord to help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

I am convinced that heaven is more marvelous than any of us have the ability to comprehend for the simple fact that our savior is there.

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