What it Means to be Pro-Life

Today is the 49th annual March for Life. This event for life has become increasingly political over the last several years. But unfortunately, with the hijacking of the term pro-life in recent years, much of the movement has given way to the industry.

I am unashamedly pro-life, but I refuse to be holistically pro-life. Why? Because I see through the scheme of the enemy. By enemy, I mean satan, not the left or so-called Christian leaders like Russell Moore, who do not hold biblical teachings. Instead, the left is trying to push Christians to take on their vocabulary; womb to tomb, holistically pro-life, and anti-death penalty.

The left and even some Christians have fallen to the left’s narrative that it is not enough to care about babies in the womb. Let’s stop right there; I refuse to be lectured by baby murderers. Every crisis pregnancy center I have supported gives away diapers, formula, clothes, classes for expecting and new mothers, counseling services even after the baby is born, and more. I will not be forced into a corner by lies.

Being pro-life does not mean being anti-death penalty. According to Scripture, that is an unbiblical position (Lev. 24:17, Deut. 22:25, Deut. 24:7). It’s time Christians take back what it means to be pro-life and even what it means to be Biblical. The godless ideologies of this world do not get to define Christianity or what is or is not a Biblical position. It is also time for Christians to realize neither political party is on your side. The democrat party is God-hating, and the republicans are no better. They use Christians and do nothing; just look at how welcoming the new party chairwoman is to the LGBTQ+ community. In Texas, we can’t get Republicans to stand against the mutilation of children.

I believe the government is important, and I vote. But no party or politician is entitled to my vote or yours. As we pray for the end of abortion in this nation, we need to do so with our eyes open. We need to realize the pro-life industry is okay with slow-walking the issue; they are not working for complete abolition quickly. I didn’t even know there was an abolition movement until this year, which I’m looking into further now and have already found a few organizations to support.

I will not get roped into false arguments of the womb to tomb; I refuse to say God has redeemed aborted babies through the use of fetal tissue. I am a Christian, and I will not live by lies, and I will not compromise one inch on what Scripture teaches and commands. It’s time for the Church to be a little less politically conservative and more Christian. A conservative movement without a Judeo-Christian foundation is entirely worthless. We can work to conserve things all day long, but it will be for nothing unless we keep eternity in view. The republican and democrat parties don’t honor God. Yes, one is slightly better than the other, but we must remember what Kingdom we are in and who we ultimately serve.

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