Keeping a Journal

Growing up, I always heard “one word from God can change your life.” Today as I was reading my Bible, that phrase came to mind, and I began to think about it and different characters in the Bible. Moses saw a burning bush, and when he turned aside to see, the Lord spoke to him, revealing the call on his life. Elisha heard the call of Elijah, and he received a mantle; Mordecai told Esther, for such a time as this, and a nation was saved; come and follow Me, changed the lives of twelve men.

Have you ever read a passage you’ve read before, but it hit you in a way that unfolded an understanding that changed your life? Has the Lord ever spoken a word to you that changed the course of your life and brought blessing you could never have imagined? Have you ever missed something that God in His grace brought back around at a later time?

This past Saturday, I had a conversation with a friend that fits the statement one word from God can change your life. My friend didn’t give me a prophetic word; the conversation was just eye-opening. He made some observations about our conversations over the last few months and even some things from years ago that began to cause some things to click in my mind. Yesterday I went through two old journals and started seeing what had been happening in my life over the past three years that I hadn’t noticed; I didn’t see nor understand what God was doing.

So many times, we see days, weeks, months, and years as individual events, when in reality, God is working in us, preparing us, and teaching us. These last few days, my head has been spinning as I sit amazed at how God has worked in my life in ways I didn’t notice. I have realized how the enemy has worked against my life, but as Joseph said to his brothers, what you meant for evil, God meant it for good.

If you keep a journal, I encourage you to review it from time to time. See what God has said, see what God has done, see if you have been diverted off your path. I am not a consistent journal writer, but I write when something hits, and looking back through pages yesterday was encouraging, and it reminded me of the goodness and patience of God. If you don’t keep a journal, I encourage you to start. It doesn’t have to be daily; record your thoughts, experiences, prayers, and Bible reading when you think about it, especially when you feel impressed to write something down.

God loves us, calls us to obedience and has a purpose for each of us. Spend time in the Word and prayer, and walk in the good works God has prepared for you.

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