We Remember the Broken Glass

1938 wasn’t all that long ago. World War II lasted from 1939-1945, but as you can see, there was a lead-up to the war. November 9, 1938, is known as the night of the broken glass. On this evil night, German Jews were targeted. The Nazis attacked the shops, synagogues, schools, and homes; glass was broken, buildings were burned, and 30,000 men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

This wasn’t the beginning of Jewish persecution in Germany. Instead, it was the beginning of the culmination of persecution. Hitler began the first Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement. People were “encouraged” not to buy from Jews. Hatred always starts with an ember, but it becomes what Hitler created when it is fanned.

As a Christian, I recognize and grieve over the antisemitism in church history. It sickens me that the “great” Martin Luther’s Jew-hatred helped fuel Hitler. Jeremiah 16:19 NASB “O Lord, my strength and my stronghold, And my refuge in the day of distress,
To You, the nations will come From the ends of the earth and say, “Our fathers have inherited nothing but falsehood, Futility and things of no profit.” I believe we are entering a time when Christians are beginning to see the lies we inherited from Church Fathers. These men may have done some good things, but their vile antisemitism cannot be overlooked, and we must reject their doctrine of replacement theology.

Over the last two years, I have been slowly making my way through books on the Holocaust and biographies of survivors. Yet, I can barely keep my anger kept down. I feel shame knowing many Christians kept silent, yet thankful for people like Corrie Ten Boom and praying that I would be like her.

No matter how many books I read or videos I watch from survivors, I know I will never truly grasp the horror. So all I can say is I am doing my best to learn the history of Jewish persecution. As a Christian, I recognize the lie of replacement theology, and I am discovering and embracing the Jewish roots of my faith.

I say the words of the Prophet Jeremiah. I recognize that I have inherited lies and things that do not profit. As antisemitism is rising today, I resolve to be a voice. I will stand with the Jewish people and their right to exist and their right to a homeland.

I believe what the Bible says about the end of days, that all nations will go to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. Ten men from every nation will grab hold of the garment of a Jew and say, let us go with you, for we know God is with you. I believe that God will restore the fallen Tabernacle of David. And lastly, I acknowledge in Romans eleven that I am grafted into a Jewish root. I believe in Ephesians two, which says, I have been brought into the commonwealth of Israel.

As I reflect on posts and articles I have read on Kristallnacht, I don’t know or understand the depth of the history as I should. But I promise to myself and the Jewish community to learn the history and stand with you in every way I can because I believe with all my heart and everything in me, never again, not on my watch.

Zechariah 14:16-18

Zechariah 8:23

Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass

Kristallnacht in Real Time

Map of the Synagogues Destroyed on Kristallnacht


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