My Prayer for the Charismatic Movement

Yesterday I saw an ad on Facebook for an online discussion about if the prophetic is still for today. It had several well-known leaders in the prophetic movement listed to speak. I thought to myself; you're missing the point; charismatics aren't questioning if prophecy is for today; they're asking about the accuracy and legitimacy of... Continue Reading →

Two Years of Charismatic Detox

After this manner, therefore, pray ye: Our Father in heaven, we come into the mercy court and ask to be cleansed. Now we go into the court of records, and we hold our giving up to you. What? Where is that in the Bible? (I made that up, just like someone made up that theology... Continue Reading →

Is The Gospel Enough?

Is the gospel enough? That may seem like a ridiculous question but think about it. Do you believe the gospel is enough? Does the church you attend believe the gospel is enough? Is the gospel even presented in your church? One day I was driving home from a church I had been attending for about... Continue Reading →

Humbly Denouncing Experience

This past Sunday, I experienced something I’ve never seen in twenty-five years of going to church. I’ve read about it, I’ve heard stories about it but, I have never experienced it. You may have heard the stories of men running on the backs of pews, all-night Holy Ghost prayer meetings where a church momma prayed... Continue Reading →

Goofs, Grace, and Growth

When I was a kid, I would come home from school, get a snack, and turn on the TV. One afternoon at the age of eight or nine, I did my routine and saw a tall man; with piercing eyes, a long pointy nose, and hair styled to look like a ski slope, holding a... Continue Reading →

The Right Kind of Faith (Hebrews 11:1)

I have noticed a pattern with my posts lately that got me to thinking. The pattern has been emphasizing the importance of reading and studying the Bible on a daily basis. I realized growing up Word of Faith, I was taught to give the Word first place and make it final authority in my life.... Continue Reading →

Ask the Hard Questions

Now and then, we need to take inventory of our spiritual lives. We need to evaluate if what we believe is in line with what Scripture teaches. I know that sounds strange but let's look at two Scripture passages to see how we as Christians could fall into error. The first passage we will look... Continue Reading →

Charisma, Corona, Clarity

It's been a year since my last post on the blog. Before that, my previous few posts were about how I was processing things in the charismatic movement. To do a quick recap, I wrote about my concerns about the Todd Bentley allegations. Since that time, that process has been concluded. It ended with Todd... Continue Reading →

Examining Beliefs and Avoiding Extremes

On August 30, 2019, I wrote a post on some troubling things in the Body of Christ and specifically in charismatic circles. Towards the end of that post, I made a statement, make the determination now that Scripture is your standard. Regardless of what we have been taught, have grown up believing, or heard in prophetic words,... Continue Reading →


I’m sitting in a coffee shop with a mocha and water, staring at this screen with my heart full about what I want to write today, but I cannot come up with a good opening to capture your attention. I’ve been a Charismatic Christian all my life. I believe God still speaks, in healing, prophecy,... Continue Reading →

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