We Have (Not) Arrived

The motto of the Protestant Reformation was “Semper Reformanda,” reformed and always reforming. They didn’t say we had arrived. There is always a need to continue learning and growing. The change of yesterday leads to the change of today.

The time of the Reformation taught men the necessity of the Scripture. Martin Luther saw a truth in Scripture that was not being taught in the Church. We need always be reforming. We must remember the need to study the Scripture and grow. Justification by grace through faith was scandalous in Luther’s day, but now it is foundational. We must allow the Holy Spirit to continually reform us and guide us back to Scriptural truths we may have lost.

I love the reformation period of Church history, but I am not Lutheran or Presbyterian. I love the holiness teaching of Wesley, but I am not Wesleyan. I grew up Pentecostal and got into the more Charismatic side, but I noticed that there was neglect of teaching. I have been exposed to many parts of the body of Christ, and I never fit nicely in one particular group. Each group had something to teach me, and the Holy Spirit has used a little from each to make me into who I am. Systems will always try to make us fit into the understanding of the moment, but we are always reforming. I’m not talking about changing methods, but coming more and more in line with the teaching of Scripture. That’s what the Reformation was about, and that’s what we need to get back to.

What areas of your theology or growth need to continue to reform? Were you taught something as a child you have never studied for yourself? Study the Scripture and Church history, let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.

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