DEVOTION: Incline Your Ear

My son, pay attention to my words— incline your ear to my sayings.

Proverbs 4:20 TLV

This verse and much of Proverbs talks about the Word of God, the Bible. To incline your ear means to bend your ear; we would say listen intently.

But what about hearing God and knowing when the Spirit of God is directing you? This is when knowing the Scripture is important because God will never lead contrary to His Word or for your good. That doesn’t mean things will always be easy. You have to work at things like relationships, and we will have general trials in life.

As we endeavor to do our best to obey the written Word, as well as make decisions that fall in line with that Word, we need to remember to bend our ears. We need to pray over decisions and seek Godly counsel. The truth is we will make mistakes on our journey. Those mistakes can be forgiven, learned from, corrected, and at times God will give us “do-overs”. The important thing is that we incline our ears to Him, we walk humbly, and we are quick to forgive and receive forgiveness.

God’s mercies are new every morning. Receive His mercy today. Forgive past hurts, forgive yourself, and allow healing to take place in your life. Release things and people who need to be released, and ask for the restoration of what needs to be restored.

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