Studying a book of the Bible

Using A Study Bible

The most rewarding way to study the Bible for me is to read through a book. If you are doing a book study, I recommend using a Study Bible to assist you (NASB MacArthur Study Bible). A Study Bible includes all necessary information for a book study, including; Author, date, outline, and timeline. With most of the background work already done, you will have more time to devote to study itself.

What to Look for

When studying a book of the Bible, it is important to note keywords and themes throughout the book. Studying is not a quick thing, nor is it meant to be done in a day; take your time and absorb the book’s message. 

What to use

  • Study Bible
  • Notebook specifically for your study
  • Concordance (to look up words and find definitions). The Strong’s Concordance has an edition for most Bible translations.

Tips for Study

Start with a small book first; they are easier to study and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, giving you a sense of accomplishment before you begin with longer books. For example, James and First Thessalonians are short books. Always pray before you get started and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth in the book you are studying and how to apply it to your life. The Life Application Study Bible is also helpful in this area.

How to Study   

Read the book through once.

Identify the main themes as you read through the second time (This will take several days for longer books). Underline or circle keywords.

Pick a key verse in each chapter.

Summarize each chapter in your own words and write a paragraph on how it applies to your everyday life.

Write a positive confession based on the theme of the book.

Write out a prayer based on the theme of the book. (Some books have prayers in them you may want to adapt for your life.)

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